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A bespoke product call for a bespoke experience.
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Peter Reed creates the very finest linens, hand-crafted in England with only the best materials for over 150 years. They worked with our team to completely redesign and develop their website from the ground up.

Peter Reed Overview

Heritage Brand in the Digital World

The Peter Reed brand is one of heritage and craft including being the linens of the Queen. One of their challenges was how they bring it to the digital world. We kept the type logo and updated the identity around it. We shared different directions based on different strategies. The result was a luxurious color palette, with an expanded identity for both digital and print purposes.

Peter Reed Logo
Peter Reed Typography
Peter Reed Crest Bespoke
Peter Reed Crest Bespoke
Peter Reed Crest Heritage
Peter Reed Crest Heritage
Custom Crest Design
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Peter Reed Heritage Crest


Peter Reed is a 150-year-old company that has hand made everything they produce since day one. This was huge, unique, and something that sets Peter Reed apart from a crowd of many.

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Peter Reed Bespoke Choices
Peter Reed Mobile Website
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The Peter Reed team asked us to help with the bespoke services experience. Many customers had no idea they even offered some of the services. We wanted the Bespoke section to have a slightly different function than the rest of the site. This would allow each service to stand out and increase overall conversions for the bespoke services.

Peter Reed Bespoke Crest

Bedding Guide

Peter Reed is a global brand with buyers from all over the world. We quickly learned that the terminology was not universal, so we created an interactive page to help all users understand how they can buy the perfect set of linens.

Peter Reed Bedding Guide Icon
Peter Reed Bedding Guide
Peter Reed Interactive Bespoke
Peter Reed Checkout
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Peter Reed Bespoke Mobile
Peter Reed Mobile Product

The Results

After the site launched overall traffic, conversion, and cart sizes increased. The brand expanded into a physical store in New York and created partnerships with like-minded brands. The site also received some recognition for the UI/UX design. After the project we all wanted to upgrade our bedding and move to northern England. We'll see you all at the Pub!