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NinetyEight6 is a high-end technology-driven tennis apparel brand. They use only the best materials specifically designed and tested for the game of tennis. The challenge was to elevate a new brand to rival the major companies dominating the space.

NinetyEight6 Overview

Web Experience

The NinetyEight6 team consists of industry vets who know the game of tennis and apparel in and out. We dove in deep to understand not only the game but the gamechanger of the apparel. We focused on bringing the brand message through the entire web experience.

NinetyEight6 Lifestyle
NinetyEight6 Logo
Color Palette
Brand Identity

With only a logo and some colors we set out to create the overall identity and digital look and feel for the brand. From typography, layout, texture, and photography we built a visual system that takes brands years to create.

NinetyEight6 Tech Feature
NinetyEight6 Crew
NinetyEight6 Short

Photography and Brand Content

From the UX stage, we knew photography was going to be key. We spent time studying the game and movement. We even did a couple of test shoots just to get a feel for what we wanted and how we were going to get the message across.

NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Photography
NinetyEight6 Product Detail

Technology Focused

We were given pages and pages of content about the technology in the apparel, from the material to the stitching. We needed to compact this in key points that made sense for a customer to make a buying decision.

NinetyEight6 Product Shop
NinetyEight6 Product Page
Desktop to Mobile

The website from desktop to mobile works seamlessly. We made smart decisions about how these experiences needed to be the same and yet unique to the device.

NinetyEight6 Cart
NinetyEight6 Logo

Product Selection

With only 3 specialty products we wanted to create simple and easy ways to navigate between each product without the need to go back to a “shop” page. We created icon navigation that would toggle the user between each product.

NinetyEight6 Icons
Product Detail
NinetyEight6 Pair Feature

The Results

When we started working with NinetyEight6 all they had was a logo. We understood the goals, challenges, and problems we were facing and wanted to come in strong. We are thrilled to see everything that was created and how it all came together. The site and brand lunched this summer and we’re all excited for the future.

We engaged Canvas to help us develop the 98.6 tennis apparel web-site. They managed the design and development of the site and the photography. Canvas created for us a very clean, simple look that is extremely user-friendly. Canvas met all their delivery targets. We are very pleased with the finished product!

David Dougherty
Founder & CEO