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MedMen is the most dominant cannabis enterprise in the emerging legal marijuana industry. We collaborated with their team to bring their unrivaled in-store experience to the web and help launch the “Shop, It’s Legal” campaign.

MedMen Overview

Changing the Experience

MedMen is known as the Apple of their Industry. The design was a core component of the new site from keeping to the core brand standards to expanding the identity for digital touchpoints. We wanted to create a high-level experience throughout.

Relax. It's Legal.
Relax, It's Legal

The campaign counted down to January 1st, 2018, when the the laws in California officially changed.

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Site organization was wrapped around the idea of product education, so customers could have a better understanding of the product.

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Product Education

Online Shopping Experience

At the time we did the site, customers couldn't buy through the site (yet). The MedMen team wanted us to go through what it would look like and how we would incorporate deliveries. So we created a shopping experience that educated customers, highlighted brands, and followed the steps for delivery.

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This is what MedMen is so well known for. Their in-store experience. We highlighted each unique location.

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The Results

Not sure where to begin. Every day we hear new and exciting things from MedMen. They are the clear industry leader and it's as simple as that. The campaign was no exception.