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Progrexion engaged us to overhaul and elevate their Lexington Law App. Lexington Law is the industry leader in credit repair, and although their service was good the app was not. The Lex product managers shared their KPI’s and where they wanted to be and we got to work.

Lexington Law Overview

Brand Identity

The Lex team gave us a logomark and said everything could be updated if we saw fit. We updated everything to position them better with the service and target customer. It needed to be professional yet approachable. We provided brand guidelines and assets for their internal team to use throughout all marketing efforts.

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Lexington Law Branding
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Illustration & Patterns

We created an assortment of illustrations to help users throughout the experience. We started with zero states and areas that the app needed to show status. We also used illustrations to help educate the users on the credit repair process.

iOS & Android

Lex has a generous product offering and we didn’t want to delay the release trying to fit everything in at once. The app was broken up into phases and we focused on making the app able to scale as we started adding subsequent features. Throughout the process improving the product and listening to users. This made all of our updates and releases very stable with minimal crashes.

Lexington Law Mobile Screens

Patterns and Elements

Case setup process.

There were some features of the App that were difficult and confusing for users but were paramount to get the most out of the service. We focused on simplifying the experience and taking things in bite sizes to increase the completion of these tasks.

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Lexington Law Fico Score Display
Tracking Credit Progress
Lexington Law Reports
Lexington Law Score Tracker

We revamped the payment process for simple and fast payments.

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Lexington Law Payments
Process Payments

Since our team was only focused on the App, we created patterns and elements that could be carried over to the web app developed by their internal team.

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The Results

When we started the app had 46 reviews and a 3.0-star rating 16 months later the app has received over 20,000+ reviews and has a 4.7-star rating. In addition, the company went from 6 to 12 sales a day and decreased from 1.1 calls per customer per month to .7 calls per customer per month. The iOS app alone hit every KPI goal before the Android app update was even released.

Lexington Law App Reviews

Canvas is a partner that goes way beyond beautiful execution and design. Their team drives high-level strategy, collaborates on creating efficiencies, and assists in laying the foundation for scale and growth of a project.  This is an invaluable asset in a partner and something I didn’t expect from a design and development firm. Canvas took the time to understand our business, align with our goals, and empathize with our customer. Working with Canvas was not only good for our business, it was a lovely professional experience.

Candice Sherman
VP of Product