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Changing the way people do research.
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Cayce is a research tool that utilizes AI and machine learning to bring better, more accurate search results. The platform sources data from only the best sources and is not impacted by ads or ranking. We were asked to take the idea and bring both the brand and platform to life.

Cayce Overview

Brand Identity

For the Cayce branding, we spent time researching and collecting data about our users. We ended up with 3 distinct directions with slightly different target markets. Each direction had advantages but one brought everything together. We called it the Cursor | Branding one of the most notorious symbols for our core user, the professional writer.

Cayce Logo Structure
Cayce Logo Mark
Cayce Branding
Cayce Logo

Changing the way we research.

Scale for all touchpoints.

We tested the mark for all types of situations making sure it responded correctly.

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Utilizing AI and Machine Learning

Not your average search.

The more you search the better the platform understands the data your looking for. We had to create a way to let the platform communicate back by giving hints and allowing users to refine searches.

Cayce Search Results
Cayce Search Icon
Search Interaction
Why Search

We spent time working through making the platform respond and react to the users. As the user begins typing, it comes alive. It understands when you think and when you need answers. It highlights data and it helps connect the dots.

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Navigation Bar
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The navigation was important we studied 3 different types of users from power users to casual users. Making sure all were accommodated by creating easy to use layered menu structure.

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Simple and organized.

We focused on the architecture and structure of how users would organize and store their research. We created topics, and tags to help manage the data and keep everything organized.

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The Results

We highly enjoy working with Scott Condie the founder. We challenge each other's ideas, we discuss business strategies, we iterated even the smallest of details. The work has only begun but we were able to accomplish all of our initial milestones. This includes establishing the brand identity, creating the product structure, dialing in the UI and developing enough to get the platform to a closed beta status and ready for investor conversations.

Working with Canvas on the design and development of our app was a supremely rewarding experience. They are professional, insanely creative, and really fun to work with. They helped us to distill our user experience goals, design a user flow, and then build an app that embodied the substance and emotion of those goals. Throughout they were a source of inspiration, technical and design expertise, as well as encouragement.

Scott Condie